We are a group of creatives, who design, write code, develop creative ideas and collaborate with other likeminded individuals.

We have over 25 years of experience building creative, secure, digital solutions for our many clients across multiple market sectors and industries while maintaining exacting levels of professionalism and accountability.

We are members of the RSA Augmented Society Network


ThinkMonkeys provide end-to-end solutions for clients, from creative design to development and integration. These capabilities can be valuable for businesses looking to enhance their online presence and functionality.

  1. Creative Design: Our design team is highly creative and capable of producing visually impactful online assets. This is essential for creating attractive user interfaces and ensuring a positive user experience. We adopt a client-centric approach to design.

  2. Usability and Best Practices: Even though design can be subjective, our team's commitment to following best practices and providing guidance to ensure that user interfaces are intuitive and practical is crucial. This helps in creating user-friendly and effective interfaces and workflows.

  3. Development Expertise: Our team of developers are experienced in Python and Django. Python is a versatile programming language, and Django is a powerful web framework. This combination allows our team to build functional, innovative, and scalable web and mobile applications.

  4. Specialist Systems Integration: This is essential for businesses that require their applications to work seamlessly with other systems and services. Our technical architects and developers have considerable experience in integrating systems improving automation, reducing processing times and increasing efficiency.

  5. Data Migration: Data migration is a critical aspect of many change projects, especially when transitioning to cloud or updating legacy systems. Our proficiency in migrating data between platforms ensures that this process is executed smoothly seamlessly, efficiently and securely. Our consultants have proven experience with data mapping, transformation and scripting to ensure data migration is accurate, efficient and minimises disruption to your business.


Website and data migration

ThinkMonkeys helped with the redesign and redevelopment of a leading FGM charity website. Using our experience in data migration and data classification, we migrated the existing website creating a searchable repository of global academic research on the subject of FGM/C.


Digital Consultancy

Thinkmonkeys provide digital consultancy services for a leading UK legal and business services firm. This includes in the areas of design, development, SEO and secure payment integration. We also worked on transformation projects to improve workflow and automation.


Booking system and workflow integration

Thinkmonkeys worked with a top London inventory company to transform their booking process into an online booking and workflow system. We developed a secure portal on the company website to allow both the client and website customers to fully manage bookings, make payments and receive invoices and reports. This was a complex transformation project which involved integration with third party systems including SageOne.


Integrated e-commerce Solution

Thinkmonkeys developed a website and full e-commerce solution for the oldest online eyewear company in the UK. As well as product management for several thousand frames, we created a bespoke ordering process integrated with Microsoft Dynamics. Additional integration included using APIs for currency conversion, geo-targeting and augmented reality virtual try on.


In an era marked by a surge in high-profile cyberattacks, it is imperative for any company to prioritise cybersecurity.

The financial repercussions of ransomware attacks can be financially devastating, not to mention the severe blows to credibility that stem from hacked websites, data leaks, and consequential downtime.

At ThinkMonkeys, we offer the expertise of certified consultants who excel in assessing a company's security posture, identifying vulnerabilities, penetration testing and proposing robust solutions to safeguard IT systems and data while ensuring compliance.

ThinkMonkeys specializes in delivering consultancy services that guarantee comprehensive adherence to GDPR and data privacy regulations. Our services encompass essential steps, including auditing existing data sources for personal information, data classification, the secure disposal of obsolete personally identifiable information, the implementation of a 'principle of least privilege' approach to data security, data encryption and risk mitigation. Rest assured, your data and privacy are in capable hands with ThinkMonkeys.


ThinkMonkeys in collaboration with Bloom Room Gardens are currently taking part in an RSA event showcasing the importance of creativity in our lives.

We believe that “Creativity is the answer we’ve been looking for – now is the time to embrace and invest in it”
UNCTAD. The exhibition was developed in response to the RSA’s ‘Design For Life’ mission “to enable people, places and the planet to flourish in harmony”.

With contributors from Bogota to Rabat, Las Vegas to London, and beyond, the first part of the exhibition was held in both the real and virtual world; prints and 3D works were displayed at RSA House, London as well as in Virtual Reality Cyberia @ 39 Whitfield Street VR Foyer in partnership with PCM Immersive Staging Company. 

The next stage will be at the Hive in Worcestershire in conjunction with RSA Midlands. 


Heritage Garden Project

We are embracing all areas of creativity within a commercial setting in our project to restore and redesign a Victorian Garden. 

Leading our associates Downs Solicitors; weve created a streamlined business solution utilising the impressive house and garden of this law firm whove been in residence since the building was first built in 1886.  The architecture and the internal features of the building are to be uncovered as part of a long-term goal for this project after the RSA exhibition.

As part of our project, we are building a Social Archive of the immediate area in collaboration with the Dorking Museum retired staff and residents of Dorking who have agreed to participate in the recollections. 

The Garden, once featured in an advertisement for Welgrow fertiliser around the 1930s has been neglected for decades, we have investigated the history of the garden and peeled back its layers to reveal a hidden gem of a historic garden.

This September we opened the garden for the first time (as opposed to the house) as part of the national scheme Heritage Open Dayswhere we received record numbers of visitors.  We are also aiming to join the National Garden Scheme. 


RSA - Creativity Project

Our long-term vision covers PR, marketing, process streamlining, staff retention/wellbeing, community integration, client acquisition and retention, customer centricity, digitalisation, and reputation management.

The end result will be a building and garden that is an asset to the team, clients, and the wider community. A space to work, network, relax, focus, learn, eat, and socialise. We hope to include anyone wishing to help with the renovation, giving the volunteers a sense of connection, pride, and ownership.

As part of this process and with the help of the Augmented Society Network we have been pre-approved for funding from English Heritage to further restore the listed parts of the garden.  We will continue to channel our creativity into restoring this beautiful historic space to its former glory, and share it with the community.


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