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ThinkMonkeys provide a range of IT specific consultancy services to a growing portfolio of clients in the UK. With our considerable knowledge and experience in areas including application design, development, integration, cybersecurity and strategy, we can add value at all stages of a project from initiation through to project close and completion.

Each of our consultants have over 20 years experience working across a large range of industries. They can leverage this diverse industry and technical expertise to provide clients high quality talent in a cost-effective manner when a tailored resource is required.

ThinkMonkeys will work closely with your existing team to understand your goals, make objective technical recommendations and use industry best practice to help deliver efficient and measurable change for your business.

For larger projects or where a particular technical expertise is required, we have access to a resource pool of DevOps specialists.

If your company is looking for IT services to help with your specific technology challenges, please email us at and one of our consultants will contact you shortly to see if we can help.

Development & Integration Services

We have an experienced team of developers who are able to use the flexibility and power of Python and Django to build functional, innovative and scalable web and mobile applications.

We also know that not everyone has the budget to redevelop a website or application from scratch or even wants to. We have worked with many clients to integrate new technologies with old or legacy systems to provide an interface into existing data or leverage proprietary platforms to provide value added functionality, without breaking the bank.

We are experts in specialist systems integration development and migrating data between platforms.

Digital Project Management

ThinkMonkeys are advocates of Agile project management and delivery. Recognising that todays business processes are more complex and have the added pressures of unprecedented change, we know that the traditional waterfall project management methodology can be somewhat ineffective when dealing with software developement.

We are increasingly adopting a collaborative, adaptive approach to development projects but have experienced professionals who can blend traditional and agile project management to ensure the best value for our clients.

Infosec & Cybersecurity

With the growing number of high-profile cyber-attacks, cybersecurity should be near to the top of the list of IT priorites for any company. The financial effect of ransomware can be crippling not to mention the impact on credibility from hacked websites, leaked data and resultant downtime.

Companies that store customer financial data and accept credit card payments must ensure their systems are PCI DSS (Payment Card Industry Data Security Standard) compliant.

The EU compliance for GDPR (General Data Protection Regulation) came into effect from 25th May 2018 and will further safeguard personal data protection and privacy. Non-compliance will cost businesses dearly!

At ThinkMonkeys we have certified consultants who can assist in evaluating a company's security posture, identifying threats and attack vectors and recommending solutions to ensure IT systems and data remain secure and compliant.

UX Design

Our design team are extremely creative and work with our clients to create visually impactful online assets. Design is subjective but we can give guidance and follow best practice methods to ensure user interfaces are intuitive and practical for the purpose that they are intended.  

We understand the importance of user centred or user experienced (UX) design. Whether a complete redesign or simply a ‘site refresh’, we design websites that are standards compliant and with usability principles in mind. 

We are experts in accessibility and follow guidelines set out in the Web Accessibility Initiative (WAI).


On 25th May 2018, the new EU General Data Protection Regulation (“GDPR”) came into effect.

The GDPR’s focus is the protection of personal data or personably identifiable information (PII). i.e. data about individuals. It builds on existing data protection laws, setting out the responsibilities of businesses in relation to the personal data they collect, hold, transmit and otherwise use. The aim is to strengthen the procedures and practices related to privacy rights, data security, data control, and governance. To ensure that organisations are including “privacy by design” in their security strategies and making them more accountable to their customers.

Post GDPR, ThinkMonkeys have provided consultancy services  to ensure that companies maintain 'end to end' compliance in all areas of GDPR and data privacy. This includes providing guidance for key steps such as auditing existing data sources for personal data, classification, destruction of redundant personable identifiable information, adopting a ‘principle of least privilege’ approach to security for data, securing and encrypting data and GDPR risk mitigation.

Following the transition period for Brexit (31st December 2020), UK organisations must still comply with the GDPR. The Data Protection Act 2018 enacts the GDPR requirements into UK law.


At ThinkMonkeys, we understand that collaboration is paramount to a team’s success. We utilise the DevOps ideals to encourage and empower our development teams to improve delivery.

What we do

About Us

Creative ideas

At ThinkMonkeys, we have over 20 years of experience building creative, content driven and e-commerce websites for our many clients across multiple market sectors and industries while maintaining exacting levels of professionalism and accountability.

Clean Code

Our ethos is to have a structured yet personal approach to any website project, no matter how small or complex, and to ensure our clients’ requirements are fully met at all stages of analysis, design, development and delivery.

Unique Designs

We use multiple technologies but our particular area of expertise is in Python, MySQL and the Open source Django Content Management System to develop powerful, responsive websites. That said, we have considerable experience in integration projects using other technologies including Microsoft.NET , AWS Web services, and Plone.

Creative Team

We also provide expert Search Optimisation, Content Marketing and Reputation Management consultancy services. We have a proven track record for elevating client websites in search engine rankings for targeted keywords as well as driving traffic to e-commerce sites through innovative social media campaigns and maximising conversion opportunities to drive up sales.

ThinkMonkeys are a website and application design, development and consultancy company based in London with access to development resources around the world.

The team consists of designers, developers, technical architects, project managers and cybersecurity consultants who collectively have worked across a multitude of industry sectors. Their experience and skillsets allow ThinkMonkeys to better understand our clients business requirements and work closely with them to provide consultancy services to deliver the right web, software or mobile application solution.

Digital Problem Solving30%

Cybersecurity Consultancy30%

UX Design30%

Reputation Managment10%



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